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Membership of the Cathedral Voluntary Choir includes a commitment to:

(a) give scheduled Cathedral duties priority in your diaries and
(b) attend the majority of these.

Members should only absent themselves for good and unavoidable reasons, i.e. matters which are beyond your control or in which you have no choice.

For example, it *is* OK to miss choir (always provided that you give us reasonable notice) if:

  • You have a position of responsibility (e.g. as a Priest, Lay Reader, Churchwarden, Pastoral Assistant) at the Cathedral or another Church, and you have to be on duty there.
  • You are a professional musician or sports(wo)man and you have engagements elsewhere which you must fulfil and for which the dates are fixed.
  • Your employer requires your attendance at a time and/or place which makes it impossible to fulfill your choir commitment.
  • You have to work shift patterns which you canít change, and your holiday dates may also be governed by this.
  • You are away at university/college during term-time (but of course you are welcome to come and sing if you can get back for mid-term weekends).
  • You are involved in a school event (e.g. musical/theatrical production, team match, etc) which you are required to attend and cannot get out of.
  • You are a parent of small children and cannot arrange alternative childcare.
  • You are normally resident outside the UK.
  • You suddenly become ill, or a member of your immediate family does and you have to care for him/her.

It is *NOT* OK to miss choir if:

  • You donít like a particular kind of service.
  • You donít like services at a particular time of day (e.g. Easter Day 5:00am).
  • Grandma comes to tea unexpectedly.

Planned absences must be notified using the on-line attendance/absence reporting system at least two months before the date concerned.

It is recognised that there will often be changes or additions to the schedule for various reasons. We will try to keep these to a minimum, will give as much notice as possible, and will be understanding if this causes problems.

Extra-curricular events, e.g. concerts and services outside the Cathedral, choir tours, etc, are voluntary and negotiable, though of course we hope that the majority of members will sign up for these whenever possible.

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